SOLD – Numbat, Original Artwork 12″ x 16″


Artists’ quality Faber-castell Polychromos pencils on HP pure cotton watercolour paper.

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Numbats (Myrmecobius fasciatus) are small marsupials native to Western Australia and were once widespread across much of the country. They are currently listed as endangered on the IUCN Redlist with the number of adults in the wild at approximately 800 and declining. They feed mostly on termites so can be seen foraging around rotten logs and tree roots on the forest floor.

We were lucky enough to see and photograph this beautiful individual in the wild in Dryandra Woodland, WA.

Original artwork is sent express and insured using Australia post, and shipped in a plastic sleeve and rigid cardboard envelope.

Approx. 12″ x 16″ (Landscape) A3

Colours may vary slightly due to the difference in monitor calibrations.

Unmounted and unframed.

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Keep artwork away from direct sunlight.